We took all the best ingredients of Drury Summer School and
created a whole new recipe for networking, learning and having fun.
The result: Drury Summer Mash


At Drury Summer Mash, industry expertise was mashed up with a splash of tech, dash of entertainment and dollop of fun in a special event where professional development got shaken, not stirred. The result: an immersive, interactive experience.       

telescope halftone.png


Part keynote. Part party. All engagement. We created an organic, free-flowing environment where you were the master of your own journey. In true mash style, this year's event was a blend of concept and content. Art and technology. Participation and play.  


4:30 - 5pm: Arrivals & Registration

5 - 5:30pm: Introduction by Chris Drury & Set by Comedian Tom Cotter

5:30 - 7pm: Exploring Activations

7 - 7:30pm: Music Performance by Ellis Martin

7:30 - 8:00pm: More Exploration & Closing



DIY Mashup Badges

Blending two images together on a new touchscreen platform, we printed personalized badges that reflected our unique personalities. 


PlayING with new drone tech

Combining drone technology and virtual reality, we explored the space through a new lens. 


collaborative STORY

Based on the surrealist practice, Exquisite Corpse, we all contributed to a single story - only being able to see the most recent sentence until the end when our entire wacky narrative mashup was revealed.


2 truths + a lie

We learned about our fellow attendees by writing two truths and a lie about ourselves on blocks, then added our blocks to an art installation. 



On this large LED canvas, we drew and wrote what was on our mind by scratching away black paint and revealing animated light. In the end, we had a collaborative, glowing mural. 



Hip hop and rock. Pop and reggae. DJ Eli Evnen mashed up genres, titles and tempos throughout the evening. 


stand-up set from tom cotter

The first comedian to ever reach the finals of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, Tom Cotter delivered a hilarious performance. No topic was off limits.


music performance from ellis martin

Up and coming artist, Ellis Martin, performed a set of covers weaving classic 60's hits with modern beats.  



Blending textures, form and materials, we exhibited work by artists, Rebecca Manson and Stefania Urist